Frequently Asked Questions

The founders consist of a biochemist/astronomer who is interested in psychology and an economist. Both of us traveled through life wondering why things were hard for us and we realized that we have rare personalities. 

After learning more about ourselves, life became so much fun and a lot easier to deal with.

Initially, the first set of contents that will appear is general information about psychology and personality types.

Then, a biological treatment will be offered; however, this will happen later in the year as the project evolves.

This information is for people who want to understand how their mind works; so, professionals, students, children, adults of all ages are welcome.

The younger you are, the better, because you will be able to apply these teachings to your daily life.

One of the founders of this site is a scientist; therefore, the scientific method and peer-reviewed studies will be analyzed and interpreted to get the closest possible insight. 

Once traffic picks up, this peer-reviewed approach will transition towards reviews by a licensed psychologist.

The first step is the writing of content on our pages; this content will be written in a straightforward manner so it is geared towards a general audience. 

However, since you are on this site, you are most likely interested in psychology, and that is the niche that this site is dedicated to.

We want people to enjoy their life; we believe that life is best lived once you know yourself. The point of this site is to cut through the fluff and to give you the best insights that the field has to offer in an easy to read way.

This is a pen and paper that is on the table.